Learning to love you more. (53)

Advice to Stefan at Twelve:
Do not believe in anyone telling you you're not good or smart enough.

Advice to Stefan at Fourteen:
Don't rip off the skin of your fingers.

Advice to Stefan at Twenty:
Buy that Yeah Yeah Yeahs record you hold in your hands. Believe me: It's worth it.

Advice to Stefan at Twenty One:
Put more time and effort in this relationship. She's not to blame for your family issues.

Advice to Stefan at Twenty Two:
Go on not drinking alcohol. It won't make anything better.

Assignment #53
Give advice to yourself in the past.


  1. this is good, but also the mistakes we make, they shape us. everyday in every form !!!

  2. you're right. the assignment itself says: sure everything turned out ok, but maybe ...

    you know: of course every mistake makes us who we are. and i wouldn't want to miss out on my mistakes (or at least most of them). but still: i guess there are always some things we wish we would have done. or we would have done in another way. or we wouldn't have done at all.
    i really like this assignment.