Moods changing like the clouds over the city and the weather and the smiles in peoples faces changing into angry faces and soft touching hands becoming angry balled fists.

This is what happened in July.

28 Days Later

Ceremony. it rained today inside my head
Press Gang. fed up with everything
Wasted Time. for the fatherland
AC4. let's go to war
Short Fuse. ruined
F-Minus. property damage
Dead Swans. ivy archway
Another Breath. the god complex
The First Step. a new reality

Photo: DocRock


  1. in the very moment i´m happy as ever and than one second later i get so afraid that there will never again be a moment as happy as this.

    instead of beeing happy cause of the happiness i get deeply sad.

    how comes?

  2. i know that exact feeling. and it would be arrogant claiming to know where it comes from.
    but i think: we are so afraid of our own emotions that we can hardly hold on to them. they run through our fingers and we get sad watching them falling apart. but at the same time we are not able to keep them together, probably because we always persuit for something more and because of that we open our hands even further on purpose.

    we cannot enjoy a moment as long as we are looking for another one.