Learning to love you more. (52)

Me: Hello?
Her: Hi, it's me.
Me: Hello you.
Her: What you're doing?
Me: Not much. Just listening to some records. Sitting in my chair.
Her: What you're listening to?
Me: I just put The Promise Ring on.
Her: Ah.
Me: ...
Her: Don't you just love this short drum thing right after the first verse of the first song of their first record?
Me: YES. I was just listening to that and smiling when your name appeared on my phone. It always gives me the creeps. ... In a good way though.
Her: I know what you mean. It's just the best second.
Me: Yeah. It carries so much in it. I'm always thinking about snow then.
Her: How come?
Me: ... Well ... I guess it's just a memory thing.
Her (short sound of smiling): ... Say: would you like some company?
Me: Mmmm. ... Well. Thanks, but...
Her (laughing): How about in an hour? When the record is over?
Me (laughing): You read my mind.
Her: Start that song again. See you in a bit. I'll bring some food and drinks.
Me (smiling): ...
Her (hanging up).

Assignment #52
Write the phone call you wish you could have.


  1. I see how it is. It's the moment "after" that counts. the still trying.

    and you'll have that conversation on day, or you had it already!

    I like number 52

  2. no: it's the food and drinks that count.
    (just kidding.)

    i quite like this one, too.